Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Work

"Piano Keys" 2010 16x16 Acrylic, ink, flashe on panel

"Frequential" 2010 16x16 Acrylic, ink. flashe on panel

"Mountain Big-Top" 2010 16x16 Acrylic, ink, flashe on panel

See. I still find time to work, even while taking care of a very active toddler all day.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Before And After

A lot of my work is about the process, the journey from beginning to end. What I begin with usually has no discernible voice at the end of a painting although, there are traces of the initial idea and brush strokes under all the layers.

This series of paintings began about 18 months ago - before Oscar was born! - and hung around the studio being neglected (for obvious reasons) then rediscovered in new ways several times. Spinning them sideways and upside-down I constantly discovered new possibilities. I now feel they have reached a level of completeness that I am happy with (although I am never entirely sure.)

So, here are some before and afters.


"Tweet and Alice"
2010. 24x24. Acrylic, ink, flashe on canvas


"Flight of the Shelter Melter"
2010. 30x32 Acrylic, ink, flashe, spray paint on canvas.


"Crash of the Tetons"
2010. 30x30 Acrylic, ink, flashe on canvas