Friday, December 14, 2007

The Future of Worm-hole Travel

This is watercolor, goauche, ink, colored pencil, graphite and acrylic on paper. About 47 in. x 43in.
My studio on the ninth floor overlooks the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts'
Museum. The imagery is my interpretation and reaction to some of the architectural elements. It is currently on display in the current student show in Gallery 128.
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The newest lithograph

This is a five (printed) color lithograph. Black, orange, a rainbow roll of blue and pink,
and magenta, respectively printed. The blue and pink rainbow roll created a beautiful
lavender blend down the middle. The transparent nature of lithography ink creates many subtle color changes and blends.
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Thursday, December 6, 2007

A collection of lithographs. I have no idea how I will continue lithography after I graduate.
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Here is my studio.
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An odd little painting. I used to doodle little space craft in the margins of papers in middle
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The most recent finished work.
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My wife has titled this, "Ethan Frohm Meets RainbowBrite". Having never read
Ethan Frohm I am hesitant about the title. I understand there is a delapidated house
that is central to the story. Maybe I should read it.
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