Sunday, January 4, 2009

4 For the New Year

A Year to Look Forward To. Oscar, our son. Obama, our President.

Classic Pen Set Sketchpage

Pickle and Rabbit sketch done with the Classic Pen Set and watercolor

Updraft - W/C and ink

Abstract Invitational 2008

One of the food tables. My painting is left of the woman. The opening was better attended than I expected, the weather was horrible and the gallery is outside of Philadelphia,. Kudos to those who drove out in the pounding rain and wind. It's nice to be sandwiched between Hollis Herchmer (left) and Rebecca Saylor Sack (right).
The show is up thru Feb.2nd

Michael Ciervo, Lesia Mockryke, Sarah Lewis: Pafa alum. Robert Goodman's painting on the wall.

There was so much food.